Newspaper is Purpose:

Newspaper  is Purpose:

A publication printed and distributed at regular intervals containing news. Opinion , editorials comment columns, entertainment features, and other matter is ordinarily referred to as newspaper. Though the term ,newspaper, leaves the impression that it contains only news, a newspaper , in addition to news, contains other matter which may not be strictlydefined as news. A typical western newspaper provides its readers with such non-news items as editorials,personal and syndicated columns, letters to the editor, lifestyle, news analyses, photographs, comic strips and cartoons, cross-word puzzles, weather reports,horoscopes, stock market quotations, classified ads, recipes, etc.
Despite the advent of such powerful rival forms of mass media as television and the radio, the newspaper still remains a powerful source of news and information and serves as an influential medium in keeping people informed about what is happening in the world and , thereby, in extending their knowledge and deepening their understanding.
The newspaper serves many purposes in the modern society: it informs by supplying facts, figures, scores, prices, charts, maps, photos and illustrations; it educates by going beyond basic facts in the in-depth analysis of columns, commentaries and editorials; and it provides a print marketplace for advertisers and prospective customers.
The newspaper is a private business that operates as a public institution. To continue publishing , it must have a sufficient number of people who will buy it, and enough advertising to pay for all of the expenses and make a profit for the owners. Usually, less than onethird of the money that a newspaper earns comes from the sale of the newspaper. Two-thirds of this money comes from the sale of advertising. The amount of advertising, however, and the price at which advertising can be sold depend on the number of people who buy the newspaper. Advertisers use newspaper space to sell their products; they will pay more for space in a newspaper read by a great many people than for space in one which has only a few readers.
A newspaper office consists of several departments. The most important of these is the editorial department. It is the department that writes news stories on events,or edits the news the newspaper has gathered through its reporters or from wire services, and provides pictures or drawings that will be published in the newspaper. It also writes opinion articles on the news known as editorials. Usually the editorial department consists of the editor in chief, publisher and other top journalists.
There are other departments such as advertising and distribution department . the advertising department makes decisions on the ads to be published in the newspaper and placed ads on the pages of the newspaper. The distribution department is responsible for delivering the newspaper to the reader, either at his home or at a store or at a special outdoor place where all newspaper are sold . all the departments work under the supervision of the owner(s) of the newspaper, who establish the policies of the newspaper and see that the other departments are working properly.



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