Euphemism is a polite, more socially or politically acceptable, alternative expression for an area considered taboo or inappropriate. In other words, it is disguising whatever is ugly, repulsive, less offensive, or neutral labels.
Euphemistic term can be used as a way of being vague and unclear, or to cover up the truth or reality of a situation. for example, the expression ‘senior citizen’ is a euphemism for old people. The opposite of euphemism is derogation. Derogation means taking away from person’s authority, or reputation and derogatory terms are negative words and labels used to damage or take away from people’s credits and reputation.

again in line with the overall strategy of positive Self-presentation and negative Other-presentation, newspapers use euphemistic terms to represent ingroup action and people and derogatory terms to represent outgroup actions and people. Look at the following Examples:

a. A group of Arab mercenaries are fighting along with the Taliban forces.
b. A group of Arab combatants are fighting along with the Taliban forces.

a. Muslims in Britain have the problem of public resentment.
b. Christians residing in Muslim countries are suffering from Islamic fanaticism and racism.