Hard News Style of Writing :

Hard News Style of Writing :

As you remember from the previoous unit, the type of lead used for a nwes story is determined by the special emphasis perspective or angle the reporter intends to use to persent the essential facta of the story. The story structure, then, is coupled to and influnced by the lead. That is, information presentation and story structure are tied directly to the kind of lead paragraph used.
The most common story structure or format used for news writing is the one used for writing hard news . In this format, referredto as straight news format, the most important points of the story come at the beginning, i.e. the story begis with a summary lead. After the lread sparks the readers’ interest and gets them involved in the story, the reporter, in the body of the story begingd peeling away the layers of information and revealing facts to create an interesting, steady stream of information for the readers. Each sentence and paragraph in the body of the story reinforces,explains,expands on , or relates to a specific aspect or one of the main facts of the story introduced in the lead.In other words the body is the detailed portion of the story that the develops and explains the facts outined in the lead.
You should be familiar with this style of writing. You probably use it every day. For example, when you call a friend to tell him or her that you have just met the love of your life , you probably would not start out with boring details ike, ” I got up at 8 a.m. I showered and got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, went to class,” then, finally getting to the juicy part, add, ”and on the way bumped into this wonderful person I want to spend the rest of my ife with.”
Rather you would be all excited, and the first thing you would tell your friend would be, ” I’ve just met the love of my life! ” That would be the ‘lead’ of your story. you would then describe the next most impotrtant information: things like what this erson is ike, why you are crazy about this person, what this person looks like and so forth, Finally you would get around to describing al the title details like exactly what you said and exactly what he or she said, and so forth. The least important informationis saved for the end of conversation, and depending on how much time you have to talk , that information may ot get into the conversation.



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